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Aug 28, 2009 6:30pm EDT
latest in anited films. t it's not hollywood, it's india. we look the latest outsrcing trend that's turning into a blockbuster h for bollywood. >> pau i'm paul kangas >> susie: and i'susie gharib. th is nightly business report for friday, august8. "nightly business rert" is made ssible by: is program was made possible by contributio to your pbs station from viewersike you. thanyou. t 7//& >> susie: good eveningveryone. people didn't ea more money in ly, but they spent a bit mor and economists wcomed the news. the small pop in snding, just 0. is thanks to the "cash for clunkers" program. personal income waunchanged last month accordi to a report today from theommerce department. the big question now iwhether frugal consumers will ep spending, even when th government'stimulus programsnd. scott gurveyeports. >> reporr: it was quiet today at the hyundai dealershiin jersey city. when you d beneath the heline that said consumer spending was up in jul you quickly discer that without the cash for clunkers progra spending was fla in fact, spending on nonurable goods decled for the month indi
Aug 14, 2009 12:00am EDT
>>> tonight on "worldfocus" -- >> in india, swine flu has triggered a wave of panic with schools, theaters and shopping malls shutting down. tonight we investigate the health threat there and elsewhere. is the flu fear justified? >>> glimmer of hope. surprising numbers show germany and france have pulled out of recession. could the rest of europe be far behind? and what does that mean for the u.s. economy? >>> as secretary of state clinton meets with the first woman president of liberia, we look at the women's movement in that west african country. a force so strong, it drove a dictator from power. >>> and we continue our look at the impact of climate change on remote lands. traveling to cambodia to meet the monks out to save a forest one tree at a time. >>> good evening, i'm martin savidge. we are going to start here tonight with a subject that has a lot of people here and throughout the world increasingly concerned as we heard towards fall that. subject is the h1n1 swine flu virus, which according to the world health organization has killed just under 1,500 people worldwide. ri
Aug 4, 2009 5:30pm EDT
do you call this? a new human rights report says too many of india's police are abuse and failing at their jobs. >> parts of india have been modernizing past. the police force is still antiquated, ill-equipped and underresourced and under real pressure to fight crime. that's why some offices are cutting corners. >> and it's the people's photo shoot. why one of britain's top celebrity snappers is turning his camera on a thousand members of the public. >> hello to you. right now north korea's state news agency is reporting the country's leader kim jung il has issued a special pardon to two jailed american journalists, sentenced to 12 years hard labor for crossing the border from china illegally. now, this in the midst of a surprise trip to north korea by former u.s. president bill clinton and an historic meeting with the country's reclusive and its believed ailing leader. mr. clinton also met with two american journalists, laura ling and euna lee in what's being described as a very emotional meeting. these two women have been held in pyongyang since march. they had already begun servin
Aug 13, 2009 5:30pm EDT
>>> tonight "worldfocus" -- >> in india, swine flu has triggered aave ofpanic with schools, theaters an shopping is the flu fear justified? >>> glimmerof hope. surprisingumbers show germany and france have pulled out of recession. coulthe rest of europe be far behind? and what does that mean for the u.s. economy? >>>as secretary of state clinton meets with the first woman presidt of liberia,we ok at the womes movement in thatest african country. a force so strong, it drove a dictator fm power. >>> and we cntinue our look at the impact of climate change on mote lands. traveling to cambodia toeet the monks out to save a forest one treet a time. >>> good ening, i'm marti savidge. we are going to starhere night with a subject that ha a lot of people re and throughout the world increasingly concern aswe ard towards fall that. subject is the h1n1 swine f virus, which according to the world health oanization has kied just under 1,500 people worldwide. rit now it's spreading through india th its vast and densely packedopulation, to use the words of "the new york tes." it has been c
Aug 29, 2009 11:00am EDT
growing, china is growing, india is growing, india is an interesting case as well. win india became independent in 1490 -- 48, in 48, india chose the economic model which was extremely popular at that time, closed border state controlling the industry, you couldn't start a new business, even a small business without the state authorization, and this was supposed to bring india out of poverty. between 1991, was 1%. this was so predictable, so constant, so regular, that economists in india called that the into rate of growth, as if 1% was rted in the indian or hindu culture. in 1991, the finance minister decided to open the border to welcome foreign investments to a certain extent, to the license system, and india is growing 5%, 6%, 7% according to the year. i mentioned in the a because it is less known, what happened in china, i will not elaborate. one of the miracles which is not a miracle,ust an application of sound principle and good economic policy, shows that the cost share, religion, civilization is not a key factor, the key factor is the economic strategy which is good or bad.
Aug 23, 2009 9:00am EDT
about 18 days to make the passage from lasa to india, and during that time, president eisenhower received radio reports from the c.i.a. director, every other day. charting the progress of the tibetans, the c.i.a. had managed to train and put in place some agents, who could accompany the dalai lama on a very hazardous journey through the mountains, and eisenhower was in almost realtime getting information about what was happening. thanks to geshae. geshae was brought down to washington to a safe house in georgetown to translate the radio reports coming out of tibet about the dalai lama and his movement. once he was safely out, a full fledged guerrilla operation began. i think the tibetan national uprising in which some 85,000 tibetans lost their lives, was probably the high watermark of that resistance. many of the weapons that had been flown into tibet and parachuted down to the himalayas came as a result of the american support operation. the dalai lama himself never personally sanctioned this violence. in fact, he was very dubious and for a long time, the united states is the c
Aug 4, 2009 6:30pm EDT
report says too many of india's place are abusive and failing at their job. a hollywood actress takes send moo on the road. >> cinema is for everybody and everywhere. we are knowing how few opportunities there are for people to realize how incredibly wise cinema is. >> hello. a secretive come nist state with nuclear ambitions which has been playing fast and loose with the rest of the world. today they have been playing host to bill clinton, the most senior visitor in a decade. he met north korean leader, kim jong-il and secured a pardon for the journalists arrested. we have this report from washington. >> bill clinton arrived in north korea in an unmarked jet. he carried with him the hopes of american diplomacy in a very dangerous corner of the world. mr. clinton met kim jong-il, north korea's mysterious leader. it is an extraordinary noment. there hasn't been a visit to pyongyang by such a high profile american in years. >> this obviously is a very sensitive topic. we will hope to provide some more detail at a later point. >> after the meeting, a sudden announcement. kim jong-il had
Aug 17, 2009 5:00pm EDT
sailors were killed in that bomb blast. >>> still one more note about terrorism tonight. india's prime minister says that he has "credible information" -- his words -- that militant groups in pakistan are planning new attacks on his country. last november, 166 people were killed in mumbai in an operation apparently conceived and organized in pakistan. >>> the talk of india today was the detention over the weekend by customs officials at newark airport of one of india's most famous actors, shah rukh khan. khan is a muslim and his name came up on a computer alert list. many indians like gayatri goswami of mumbai expressed outrage. she writes -- "the detention was shameful. the u.s. shoulapologize. they better." but others were much more understanding. one indian man implored his countrymen. wake up, india. wake up. it's time for tight security. i would appreciate it if india takes similar actions against each and every person who enters and exits india. >>> and another sign tonight that the global recession seems to be ending. at least the worst of it. japan, the world's second largest e
Aug 27, 2009 7:00pm EDT
care systems around the world. tonight we take a look at india. and residents of a new jersey town are outraged over a possible visit by bolivia's leader, gadhafi. this is a honda pilot. and this is the all- new chevy traverse. it has more cargo space than pilot, including the most space behind the third row. and traverse beats honda on highway gas mileage too. more fuel efficient and 25% more room. maybe traverse can carry that stuff too. the all new chevy traverse. america's best crossover. >>> the area home to many relatives of the victims of the pan am flight of the 103 bombing. last week, the only man convicted in that attack which killed over 200 people was set free. he received a heroes welcome. >> three weeks ago, he came home to find his fence gone, a dozen of histories chopped down, and fast at work at store. maybe 40 vehicles inside that property. >> reporter: when the libby yan leader attends the assembly next month, in the community of even gel wood, new jersey, the libby yan community refuses to comment. and the terrorists to be in our neighborhood. >> he lives just a few
Aug 11, 2009 7:00am EDT
way for next year's elections. what do india and china think? massive rescue efforts in taiwan, hundreds are still unaccounted for. clinton in africa and the perils of being one half of the world's most influential couple. >> you want me to tell you what my husband thinks? >> also in this hour, a new colonialism, or just common sense. a special report on liberia. come back cooled off, michael shoemaker is forced out of a formula one return. this is 7:00 a.m. in washington, mid day here in london, half past 7:00 in the evening rangoon. the pro-democracy leader there has been found guilty of violating her house arrest. she was sentenced to an additional 18 months confinement. the sentence has drawn condemnation from europe. there is the word from india and china. she was convicted of allowing an american man to stay there after he swam there uninvited. >> please insure that nothing would except -- disrupt the trial of the most famous war and -- famous woman in burma. she is a symbol of democracy. her supporters had hoped that she would be freed. a guilty verdict means that she is
Aug 6, 2009 7:00am EDT
on this month's election later in the program. three people have been sentenced to death in india for planting bombs that killed 52 in the city of mumbai in 2003. all three were convicted last week six years after bombs exploded at the gateway of india monument in the main corridor. our correspondent there reports now. >> the attack in mumbai in august 2003 was the victim. the bombs were planted inside two taxis. one detonated as -- at the city's main jewelry market at the height of the business hour, leaving behind a trail of destruction. the second at the city's main landmark. it was the gateway of india. more than 50 people were killed and nearly 180 wounded. last week, a special anti-terror court convicted this man, his wife, and usherethis person of planting the bombs. they stood in court as the judge handed them the death penalty. all three have pleaded not guilty and are expected to appeal against the sentence. their trial took place in high security and under a powerful anti-terrorism law that no longer exists. prosecutors argued that the bombings were carefully planned an
Aug 4, 2009 6:00pm EDT
apart from the other bric group countries - brazil, russia and india. the bric four was actually once expected to reshape the global economy. but in today's extraordinary climate, that seems like wishful thinking in better times. this is the growth expected from china; while in neighbouring india, the economic fundamentals are also strong. but brazil has stumbled with no clear growth expected until 2010; and as for russia - over reliant on high commodity prices it now risks the spectre of high inflation and high unemployment. and the bric fault lines don't only concern numbers. for its members are fierce competitors and serious mistrust abounds - which is a barrier to enhancing trade and economic cooperation. >>zweig: well the chinese don't trust the indians at all. the indians don't trust the chinese. the 1962 border war seared, forever seared, the brains of indian policy makers. brazilian businessmen complain, over the last couple of years that china came - hu jintao the leader of china visited - promised all kinds of money, left - and then everybody said, where's the money? >>repor
Aug 17, 2009 4:30am EDT
next, the mayor who tried to come to the rescue but ended up in the hospital. >>> and india's biggest movie star questioned at a u.s. airport for over an hour which is now becoming an international incident. >>> welcome back. these are the latest headlines from abc news. the florida panhandle is being pounded by heavy rain as claudette came ashore overnight near ft. walton beach. it'll move inland toward alabama later today. >>> forecasters are keeping an eye on ana and bill which are gaining strength in the atlantic. neither of these storms is expected to make landfall. >>> and president obama may drop his demand for a government-run health insurance option, a move that could alienate some liberal democrats but gain republican support. >>> wellchicago rest depths who need a marriage license today or a building permit today are out of luck. the city is closed for business. >> it is a major effort to close a massive budget gap. but chicago is not alone. here's diana alvear. >> reporter: city workers take monday off. the first of three forced furlough days thanks to a budget in
Aug 17, 2009 6:00am EDT
print. one of the documentaries we did was in india. it was a very interesting story that we are going to go with that had to do with a group of women in a little village who had organized themselves and built a road to their village. these were women who had taught themselves how to do this work, and then confronted the men and ended up getting the men to pay them for the work. we decided that was a story we cannot do on radio, because no one spoke english. we did all the interviews the translation and reviewed all the tapes and said we just cannot put this on air, because people will be listening to half an hour of language they do not understand. >> how have you found your time being spent, now that you do this plus your column? >> audio and radio work is very time-consuming. there are lots of things to pull together. probably the last year i have spent more time doing audio work than anything else. this year i suspect i will flip a little bit and devote more time to print. i am about to start working on a new book as well. >> what is it about? >> i wrote a book close to 15 years ag
Aug 17, 2009 4:00am EDT
off the on markets like india in particularly actually. >> mark, this is christine again. one story we're focusing on, china's wealth fund, cic to buy u.s. mortgages. what does it say about the chinese appetite for u.s. trishes, and is this an ideal investment for the chinese? >> gee, i didn't see that news headline. i would say $2 billion isn't a lot of money for china. it's a lot of money for the rest of us but not for china. the chinese have been very explicit they want to take advantage of the weak prices globally to make acquisitions. they've been trying to make acquisitions in resources around the world. i don't read anything huge into it. sorry, christine, not one way or the other. >> thanks for joining and sharing your thoughts with us. mark matthews and aaron snipe. >>> banker bonuses under attack from all sides in the u.k. chancellor alstair darling told the sunday times he will change the law to ensure compensation is not paid to employees whose actions put banks at risks. the comments come with reports from bar clays is offering a massive package for several employees be
Aug 13, 2009 3:05am EDT
that -- thanks for coming on the show, finally. you've been in india. >> i was in india. mumbai, india. >> jimmy: that's what -- [ applause ] half our audience. >> [ in indian accent ] "ah, yes, thank you." >> jimmy: half my audience -- they're -- all my fans are from there. >> are they? do you get -- straight from -- that's a big flight. like, half the audience is from mumbai? >> jimmy: yeah. >> "sorry, we're a little jetlagged." >> jimmy: yeah. we hand out red bulls before the show. >> oh, really? >> jimmy: yeah. it's fun. now, have you been back -- you haven't been back to "snl" since -- >> i haven't been -- since what? since mumbai? >> jimmy: since we used to do it. >> since you and i have been there? >> jimmy: yeah. that's five years. >> no, 18 years ago. >> jimmy: it was 26 years ago. >> [ as chipmunk ] "hey, wait a second. what'dou say? what'd you say? yeah, you heard me." >> jimmy: that's the worst dialogue in any cartoon. >> i think it's great. >> jimmy: i know, but it's terrible. >> i like to entertain myself. >> jimmy: you -- what were your favorite skits? did we -- >> we di
Aug 1, 2009 5:30am EDT
india tiene a mÁs de uno criticando y con los pelos de punta. >> esta es su noticiero univisiÓn ultima hora. >> es noche del viernes. a esta hora queremos darle la mÁs cordial bienvenida a una nueva ediciÓn de noticiero univisiÓn Última hora. la recesiÓn que sufre el paÍs estarÍa mejorando o al menos estabilizÁndose esas son buenas noticias, sobre todo para el presidente obama quien hablÓ de ello toda la semana, pero el mandatario tambiÉn dijo que tal optimismo deberÍa ser tomado con cautela. las explicamos por quÉ. >> la caÍda de la economía parece estar terminando segÚn nuestros no os Índices pero la recuperaciÓn serÁ lenta y gradual, bÁsicamente por la incertidumbre y debilidad del mercado,como el inmobiliario y el laboral. >> una recesiÓn que estÁ saliendo. que se estÁ haciendo mucho menos acelerada. y los negocios que habÍan estado atrayendo el gasto casi 40%, por lo menos se mostrÓ ligeramente mÁs animados. >> al reaccionar sobre el tema del presidente obama dijo ser cautelosamente optista. >> el producto bruto en de hoy, el que mire el valor de todos los
Aug 4, 2009 6:00pm EDT
new human rights report says too many of india place are abusive and filing at thei job. hollywood actss takes send moo on e rd. >> cinema is for everybody and everhere. we are knowing how few opportunits there are for people realize how incredibly wise cinema is. >> hello. a secretive come nist ate with nucar ambitis which has be playing fast and lse th the rest of the wld. today they have been pying ho to bilclinton, the most senior visitor in a dade. he metnorth korean leader, kim jong-il and secured a rdon for the journalist aested. we have this report from waington. >> bill inton arrived in north korea in an unmard jet. he carried with him the hopes of ameriniplomacy in a very dangerous rner of the world. . clinton m kim jong-il, north korea's mysterio leer. it is an extordinary noment. there hasn'tbeen a visit to pyongyang by such a hh profile american in years. >> this obviouslys a vy seitive topic. we wilhope to provide some moreetail at a later point. >> aer the meeting, a sudden annocement. kijong-il ha issued a special pardon to the two imprisoned american journalists. t
Aug 17, 2009 5:30pm EDT
india's most famous actors, sharukh khan. khan is a muslim and his ne came uon a computer alert list. many indians likgayatri goswami of mumbai expresd outrage. she writes -- he detention was shameful. the u.s. sulapologize. they better." but others wermuch more undersnding. one indian man implored hi countrymen wake up, india. wake u it time for tight security. i would appreciate iif india takes milar actions against each and every person whenters and exits dia. >>> and another si tonight that t global recession seems to be ending. at leasthe worst of it. japan, the world's second largeseconomy, announced today that its economyrew at an annual rate of 3.7% in t cond quarter. helped along by an increase exportto china. you'll recall that the econoes ofermany and france also rebounded ring the last quarter. spite all of this though, stock markets fell srply around theorld today. >>> and now to the middle ea ident hosni mubak is in washinon for high-level talks with obama admintration officials. and amera has a lot riding on mubarak. the united stas gives some $2 billion a year to egyp
FOX News
Aug 13, 2009 1:00am EDT
of india. what do you make of india's stopping that ship? all we know right now is that they found, like, 60,000 pounds of sugar. they are still looking at it, but what do you make of india stopping that north korean ship? >> india is imposing the security council resolution, and i think it is a very positive sign. india has been very cooperative with us, and they had very many parallel interests with respect -- they have a very many parallel interests with respect to terrorism and with respect to the nuclear danger -- they have very many parallel interests. greta: am i wrong to be suspicious that north korea might have been being a little coy? because sending that ship off in the direction that they did, knowing that someone was likely to stop it, and having 16,000 tons of sugar sort of makes the stopping country look, well, wrong, for one. >> nobody knows what the north koreans have on the ships. if north korea, a country that has no significant economy, that has no close relations with any other country in the economic field, if they can get away with defying the security counci
Aug 11, 2009 9:00am EDT
,. >> and india is doing the same, do you think or is that -- >> i don't know. mi far less familiar with what is going on. but i think having had the election in india which the first time has given them a pretty strong mandate in the government, i think they will be able to move ahead much more easily than in the past where there have been so many political factions fighting to try and be on top of things. so i think india has the ability now to get into much stronger position than it was in beforehand. >> most people look at india and china as leading the economic recovery. and perhaps brazil coming in and then the united states and they see europe lagging. >> well, i would agree with you about this. china, india, brazil. i think they are already showing it. they are already goinging that far. 9 united states knew far better than i how things are going. but you still see both in the united states and in europe news of job layoffs and although the financial sector seems to be in less bad shape, let's put it that way, the real economy, one hopes against hope that things are going to look
Aug 14, 2009 2:00am EDT
i were in india recently and the indians are a major factor in the region. they're the dominant power. improveb -- improving u.s.-indian relations ha been a continual goal of the last three u.s.strations, all which i think have been successful in that regard, starting with president clinton's trip in 2000. i will keep the indians fully informed and i have an indian counterpart who i keep fully informed in india. >> ok. going to open it up. [unaudible question] >> i'm not going to stand so i don't block the cameras. >> please identify yourself. >> martha raddatz from abc news. ambassador holebook i know you want to talk about the civilian side of this. >> but you don't? >> but the security is so intergind. tell me how that is affecting what you're trying to do, what kind of a hindrance that is, what hads to happen in order for you to succeed and as part of that i want to sigh that a lot of people i talk to, civilians in afghanistan complain that they really can't go outside the wire in certain areas because of the security. >> you mean the americans? >> yes. >> let me start with
Aug 16, 2009 6:00pm EDT
biggest movie stars, the tom cruise of india, held for questioning at an american airport. he says it's because he's a muslim. it's become an international muslim. it's become an international incident. captions paid for by abc, inc. >>> good evening. for people in florida, and all along the atlantic and gulf coasts, this has been a quiet hurricane season. since june, nothing. but now, all of a sudden, there are three storms out there, and they are allaining strength. tropical storms ana and bill have formed in the atlantic, and opical storm claudette is poised to hit the panhandle of florida tonight. abc's jeffrey kofman is there. >> reporter: what a different a day or two can make. on friday, this hurricane season with a nonstarter. suddenly, this weekend, three tropical storms formed, one of them poppedp overnight in the gulf of mexico and now making landfall here on the florida panhandle. >> i think in the end, this is a warning shot. the gulf is more prime than usual for intensification this year. >> reporter: the sleepy hurricane season is over. the scramble to stock up has begun.
Aug 20, 2009 6:00am EDT
with health care professionals at 11:45 a.m. eastern this morning, i'm guessing. >>> people in india are getting the keys to the cheapest car in the world. how i remember this. what does it mean for the u.s. auto industry. clark howard breaks down how the new car might help your wallet in the future. >> the nano car, the world's cheapest automobile is now in people's driveways in india. this car you can buy in india for $2500. that's right a full four-door car seats four people you like a fifth you don't, is now available and selling like crazy. you may wonder, why am i telling you about a car that's only available in india? big news, this car just passed the european union safety and crash test, a car somewhat similar to ours and europeans are already buzzing they're going to be able to buy a car, even with the modifications for european will end up being somewhere around $3500. what about us? i want you to know, for us, this is a clear trend that we are going to see, in the next few years, cars cheaper than you ever imagined, about the price of a motorcycle. i'm clark howard. for m
Aug 13, 2009 6:00am EDT
government. >> my other yeah -- question was on the geography between pakistan and india. is it critical that the united states try to play a role? that's on really problematic with respect to the indians in terms of defusing tensions between india and pakistan. is that outside 9 postal -- the portfolio of this group? >> it is outside the portfolio of my job. on the other hand, i am in constant touch with the indians. i met with the indians continually. the new ambassador in washington and i have had dinner recently and she and i are in close touch. i go to indio whenever the schedule permits. i stress we're completely transparent. the secretary of state and my close colleague assistant secretary for south asia, central asian affairs bob blake and i were in india recently and the indians are a major factor in the region. they're the dominant power. improveb -- improving u.s.-indian relations ha been a continual goal of the last three u.s.strations, all which i think have been successful in that regard, starting with president clinton's trip in 2000. i will keep the indians fully
Aug 5, 2009 5:30pm EDT
worldwide. on monday india confirmed its first death, a teenage girl in the city of puna. that caused pan ig among people cuing -- que -- queuing outside the hospital. and a man who killed four people including himself ate women's exercise class in pennsylvania spoke about crimes on his web site. and a patient at an addiction center in india -- in china has been beaten to death by his counselors. >>> a former military commander has told the bbc palestinian children are routinely mistreated while in custody. >> many palestinian children throw stones at some time or another, many to vent frustration alt the occupation of their homes on the west bank. the targets? israeli soldiers. israeli soldiers have come right to the barrier now to throw their gas cannisters. people all around us have just disappeared, run away from the spoke smoke. over there you can see the palestinian children are continuing to throw stones. when stones are thrown, a military raid often follows. usually late at night as you see in this footage we obtained. israeli soldiers come to palestinian villages in large num
Aug 4, 2009 5:30pm EDT
dress code crime, wearing a pair of pants for which s fas 40 lash. >>> and from india, a human rights gro charged today tha theolice system in that country needs some jor overhaul to meet internation andards. human rightsatchsaid that while india is modernizing rapidly the police coinue to use old thods including abuse and teats. it said the poce sometimes detained pele illegally, torture and kill spects and refuseto investigate crimes against the politically powerful. thindian government had no immediate response. >>> was the british government complicit in the torture of terror suspects in a secretork conducted by wtern intelligent agencies ovethe last eight ars? that questiowas raised after the release of a paistani man ben yan mohammed from amecan custody at guaanamo bay, cuba. when mohammed returned to britai he sued the governme in a test case ciming the intelligence ageny, miify was involved in his investigations while government aims its got nothing thard a paliamentary commissn is now calling for independent vestigation as we hear fromandrew thomasf itn. >> reporter: b
Aug 13, 2009 7:00pm EDT
worked in villages in india and africa. >> here at home, we have as much a need as i do when i travel to the most remote areas of india, and that's very heartbreaking. most of these people work. they have jobs, but they work for small companies that can't afford to give them insurance. >> reporter: for doctors and painters here, the shouting over health care reform is incomprehensible. >> walk in my ses. try it a couple of weeks. you won't last. >> reporter: sutana green works for the city of long beach. she could be speak for every patient here. >> i have five children, and i'm a single mother. so for me, this was a blessing. >> reporter: now, katie, this has been going on all day. the doctors here are overwhelmed. they don't have enough volunteers to meet the need. now, they expect to serve more than 1,000 people a day through tuesday, and after they close down, they expect to send thousands more away unserved. katie. >> couric: bill whitaker in inglewood, california, bill, thank you. as tempers flare in the health care debate, both sides are employing everything in their arsenals t
Aug 5, 2009 12:00am EDT
pants for which she faces 40 lashes. >>> and from india, a human rights group charged today that the police system in that country needs some major overhaul to meet international standards. human rights watch said that while india is modernizing rapidly the police continue to use old methods including abuse and threats. it said the police sometimes detained people illegally, torture and kill suspects and refused to investigate crimes against the politically powerful. the indian government had no immediate response. >>> was the british government complicit in the torture of terror suspects in a secret work conducted by western intelligent agencies over the last eight years? that question was raised after the release of a pakistani man ben yan mohammed from american custody at guantanamo bay, cuba. when mohammed returned to britain, he sued the government in a test case claiming the intelligence agency, mi5 was involved in his interrogations. while government claims its got nothing to hard a parliamentary commission is now calling for an independent investigation as we hear from an
Aug 25, 2009 5:00pm EDT
southeast india. the comment by the president of the maldiz as this report from deutsche welle especially telling, as his country so may go the rest of the world. >> reporter: is an island in the north malaye group. it's home to about 2,000 people. for generations they have lived from the sea but now the sea itself is threatening their livelihood. the land here has been vanishing here for years. and the rate of erosion is increasing. this year some 15% of the land mass have been lost to the rising sea level. people are worried. not long ago, they could look out to the sea, but now the waves are gna wing the beach away >> translator: just two weeks ago you could sit out here comfortably and look out to the ocean in evening. now just look the beach's already disappeared. the water is getting higher and higher and the tides are getting stronger. >> reporter: just a few days ago the water inundated the streets. the water all but destroyed this small harbor here. >> translator: we got the land years ago and we built a house. but now the sea is tearing huge pieces of our land away fr
Aug 1, 2009 7:00pm EDT
second term. several high-ranking officials are reported to have resigned. >>> india has launched the first nuclear submarine to be built entirely in the country. india is only the sixth country in the world to have a nuclear fuel submarine. the prime minister said it would become increasingly relevant to indian security. >>> "amazingly different" is the way that secretary gates described iraq during a recent visit. he praised the security situation after seeing how the american troops are adapting to their non-combat role. we have this report from baghdad. >> robert gates came to iraq to hear firsthand how the 130,000 soldiers or adapting to their new, supporting role in the country. they are taking their cue from the iraqi commanders. they are shifting their focus from combat training. >> between now and the end of 2011, all u.s. troops are scheduled to depart iraq. we have a number of important milestones to achieve. that includes bear, and secure elections, and a national government, and continued drawdown of u.s. forces leading to a change of mission in august of 2010. >> august
Aug 12, 2009 7:00am EDT
. schools and colleges have closed for a week in india posit commercial capital mumbai to contain the spread of swine flu. officials say centimos will also shut. mumbai -- the worst affected in india where 11 of the country's 15 swine flu deaths occurred. a leading member of khmer rouge there ruled cambodia in the 1970's asked for harshest punishment at his trial for war crimes of murder. he tells the united nations- backed tribunal that he accepted responsibility for the sorrow and suffering of the 1 million cambodian people who lost husbands and wives. militants in northern afghanistan attacked a government building, killing a district police chief and at least one of his offices. the assault happened in the province where violence has increased in recent months. reports say the attackers struck before dawn with small arms and rocket-propelled grenades. starting a long gun battle. erin is here, so it is that time. we can look ahead to your business report. there are figures coming out -- a statement coming out of the fed in new york. >> the interest rate decision. but all expectatio
Aug 9, 2009 8:30am EDT
. so, in india the bridal colors are red. we usually wear red, maroon, burgundy-- so they say that the bride's hand shouldn't show color of her skin. >> reporter: sunitha met her husband-to-be, ronjit sandhu, who is a sikh, at college eight years ago. >> the henna artists told me yesterday the darker the henna the more your husband and your in-laws love you. so my hands are dark, but not down here so much. >> reporter: the groom's mandate on the wedding night is to find his name hidden in the design. >> the night of the wedding, i'm supposed to find... i'm supposed to search for my name in the henna. and then if i can't find it, basically i'm not allowed to consummate our marriage. >> reporter: the next pre- marriage ritual, performed is the puja, where the bride's family's hindu pandit prays before a sacred fire. >> we pray to lord ganesha asking for his blessings, s s that everything goes very smoothly without any obstacles. >> reporter: when sunitha's parents married, not only were they required to be of the same faith, but they were expected to marry the person their parents chose.
Aug 8, 2009 7:00pm EDT
announces that there has now been 1000 deaths from swine flu worldwide. this week, india confirmed its first death, a teenage girl. the announcement led to panic and scuffle. a new trial started in moscow over the killing of the investigative journalist, a staunch critic of the kremlin. the retrial was necessary after an overturned acquittal of the three men accused of involvement in the killing. huge crowds turned out in the philippines as they paid their last respects to be former president. she led the power up writing in 1986. an indian court sentenced two men and women to death for their part in the mumbai bombings of 2003 which killed 52 and injured hundreds. investigators said that all three had links to a pakistan- based terrorist group. more details from delhi. >> the attack in 2003 was devastating. bombs were planted inside two taxis. one detonated at the city's main jewelry market at the height of the business hours, leaving behind a trail of destruction. the second of the mainland parks, the gateway of india. more than 50 people were killed, and nearly 118 wounded. last wee
Aug 6, 2009 5:00pm EDT
their national treasuries and abused their powers? >>> a court in india sentenced two men and a woman to death today for their roles in the 2003 terror attack in the city of mumbai. in that attack two taxis blew up within minutes of one another, killing 52 people. investigators say the three were members of the lashkary tibia, a banned militant group that has also been blamed for the attacks in mumbai that killed 106 people late last year. lawyers for those sentenced today said they would appeal. death sentences in india are rarely carried out. >>> this was another deadly day for u.s. forces in afghanistan, as casualties in that war rise sharply. the u.s. military said four marines were killed when a roadside bomb struck their vehicle in western afghanistan. in the six days of this month, at least 15 western troops have been killed in afghanistan. >>> in the middle east today, a prominent human rights group said thousands of rockets fired from the gaza strip into israel were unlawful and unjustified, and amount to war crimes by the hamas leadership in gaza. those attacks culmina
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